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What Do You Mean by Literacy?

Literacy is the ability to use language to communicate; to understand written language and use it for personal and social purposes. There was a day when literacy simply referred to knowing how to read - to complete the "school skills" of knowing words, sentences, and paragraphs. Now, in our increasingly complex world, we "read" all kinds of symbols that help us get along in our world, and we need to be literate in all the communication that makes up our lives.
(The National Institute for Literacy maintains a website with links to literacy resources at: http://www.nifl.gov/)

People search for meaning in everything they read and write, and literacy develops through participation in purposeful and meaningful activities.

Becoming literate and learning to read requires elaborate instruction and conscious effort.

As the world and our understanding of literacy change, teaching must also evolve to take on the new demands.

(Browse the NCREL Literacy page and scroll down for "Additional Resources" of Internet links to background information on literacy and lesson ideas at: http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/li0cont.htm)

The goal is to develop teachers' comfort and competence in the selection of books and print materials and in developing and implementing reading and writing activities that support inquiry.

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