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Are you looking for help in getting your home garden started? Do you already have a garden, but need to learn what to do about those annoying garden pests? Are you looking for guidance in gardening with kids? Maybe you just want to look at some photographs of trees. These teacher, and kid-friendly, sites are teeming with information about plants.

See "Books Galore" to find a selection of books on plants.

Careers in Botany: A Guide to Working with Plants
This online pamphlet from the Botanical Society of America looks at the careers and opportunities in the area of plant science.

This site has online field guides for plants, trees, and wildflowers.

The Food Resource: Plant Foods
Choose from the list of cereals, fruits, grains, seeds and vegetables. You’ll get answers to some frequently asked questions, links, images, and references about the particular food you have selected.

HowStuffWorks-Learn How Everything Works!
Learn how composting works.

There are online courses for teachers, gardening Q & A, garden grant opportunities, articles and ideas for gardening with your students.

NEARCTICA—The Natural World of North America
Gardening pests, natural gardening, trees, and wildflowers are some of the popular topics that are touched upon at this site.

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