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A sampling of workshops offered by The Elementary Science Integration Projects (ESIP) that support science-literacy connections

*Choosing Science Trade Books for the Classroom

This workshop introduces participants to a variety of science-related literature and explores resources and criteria available to assist in the selection and evaluation of science trade books. Strategies for developing classroom libraries and text sets will be discussed.

*Using Science Trade Books in the Classroom

This workshop explores various strategies for using science trade books in the classroom to foster both scientific inquiry and literacy skills. Strategies include read aloud-think alouds, book talks, book browsing, questioning the author, inquiry circles, interactive hands-on explorations, and author studies.

*Note: Choosing and Using Science Trade Books in the Classroom combines both workshops listed above in a half-day presentation.

Writing to Learn: Science Notebooks in Support of Inquiry

Participants will sample and explore different techniques for recording and organizing data, questions, and reflections, as well as ways to incorporate science notebooks into hands-on investigations and class discussions. Ideas for using notebooks as primary source documents for informational reading will also be discussed.

The Author's Craft: Lessons from Award-Winning Science Authors

Participants will explore the writing craft of award-winning science authors, such as Jean Craighead George and Seymour Simon and develop mini-lessons to support students in improving their informational writing. Topics such as: writing strong leads, using metaphors, descriptive detail, and strong verbs, and integrating questions in text are discussed.

Kids' Classroom Research

Both hands-on science and literacy instruction benefit from science-related research. This workshop examines strategies for identifying science research questions, selecting appropriate resources, strategies for note-taking and information gathering, and ways of organizing information that supports student writing. Various ideas for making research public are also discussed.

Kids' Inquiry Conference

This workshop introduces participants to the Kids' Inquiry Conference (KIC), a student-centered conference that invites students to come together to share the excitement of their scientific discoveries, exchange data, evaluate evidence and ask questions. Strategies for introducing KIC to students and supporting their investigations throughout the school year are discussed, as well as logistical ideas for hosting KIC.

For additional workshops, or to discuss developing a workshop to suit your specific needs, please contact us at info@esiponline.org or 314-516-4580.

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